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Regency Romance Reading Challenge – Desperate Measures

January 13, 2013

Here’s the list of books for the Regency challenge.  I’ve already read Desperate Measures and I have to admit, if I hadn’t already read it when I saw the challenge posted, I probably wouldn’t have participated.  I’m not big on putting myself out there for some reason.

Desperate Measures is a short story – a Lunch Hour Love Story.  Needless to say, a quick read, but a really good one.  The main characters, Lydia, Geoffrey and Phillip made me smile, laugh, and I couldn’t read fast enough.  You know, when you’re reading romances, they have an HEA, but it’s the Getting There that keeps you going.  I find if I can set the story aside for a time, it really wasn’t that engaging, but this one had me irritated if anyone tried to interrupt me.  I wanted to see how it worked out.  I really enjoy authors who are determined little terriers who can grab your attention and not let go.  Even when you’ve finished the story, you think about it for a time.  (Thank you, Candice.)

The Regency Romance Reading Challenge Review Schedule:

Challenge Details

Time-line: The Regency Romance Reading Challenge runs January 1, through September 30, 2013.

Levels of participation: Neophyte: 1 – 2 novels & short stories, Disciple 3 – 5 novels & short stories, Aficionada 6 – 9 novels & short stories.

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